Wingbeat Charity Quilts For Seniors

I began making quilts with my Mom back when I was in high school. She and I loved to make patchwork quilts and give them to family and friends as gifts at Christmas time. Since that time I’ve made many quilts and now I am committed to making quilts for a charity that I am deeply invested in. It’s called “Wingbeat Charity Quilts for Seniors”. A project that I started about a month ago during the Covid Pandemic. Beside me, are my “sister quilters”. A small group dedicated group of women. My very dear friend Connie Hugdens, whom I met since moving to Foley, Alabama and my cousin Beth Gorman, who lives in Watertown, MA. Together we are committed to making quilt squares and passing them around to each other in what’s called a “round robin”. Our goal is to complete a quilt that we can donate or auction off to help our seniors during this time. If anyone is interested in contributing to our charity by means of making squares, donating fabric, thread or money we would surely appreciate it. You can contact me: or call/text me #860-575-1687.

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